Sunday, July 06, 2008

Rainy day in Buenos Aires

It's Sunday night, I haven't touched my homework all weekend, and I have to read a 25-page story for class naturally I'm wasting time online. Just got back from two days in Uruguay, which were amazing!! Uruguay is just across the river from Argentina, and there's a little town called Colonia just a ferry-ride away from Buenos Aires that's really popular with Argentinean tourists.
Since it's the off-season for tourists (it's winter here), Colonia was pretty sleepy, but really pretty. It's a smallish town that's been passed back and forth between the Spanish and Portuguese at least 10 times over the last 400 years, but finally ended up with the Spanish. Everybody on the street is carrying a thermos of boiling water and a maté bombilla - maté is a really strong tea that's everywhere in Argentina and Uruguay. It's really popular and almost everybody drinks it, but unfortunately it's definitely an acquired taste. In my personal opinion, it's kind of like drinking dirt. Anyway, we spent Friday exploring the town and went out to dinner at El Portón, a restaurant recommended by the owner of the hostel we were staying at. I asked the waiter what the "comida más famosa de Uruguay" (the most famous Uruguayan food), he recommended something called Parillo (or something like that), which is shared between two people. Trusting person that I am, I ordered it, and well...I'll describe it and let you decide for yourself. First, they put potato salad, shredded lettuce and tomato slices on a huge plate. Then they pile french fries on top, then a couple of thin steaks, followed by bacon, a generous covering of melted cheese, and two fried eggs. The whole thing is garnished with green olives and rolled up slices of ham. More or less three heart attacks on a plate. That was the first time I've ever eaten steak, bacon and ham in the same bite...and hopefully the last! A true Uruguayan experience.
The next day we woke up to seventy-degree weather!! Keep in mind it's winter here - it was unbelievable! We found a big playa (beach) that was almost completely deserted, and played all day in the Uruguayan ocean. It was completely unexpected and wonderful.
Hope everybody had a great 4th!! We all sang the Star-Spangled Banner a few times on Friday, but that was about it unfortunately.


Ninad said...

"It's a smallish town that's been passed back and forth between the Spanish and Portuguese at least 10 times over the last 400 years"
quite interesting !!!!! btw why hello India ??

Julie Villegas said...

Hi Colleen,
I'm sitting here with Kathryn Davis. As you know, she'll be in Argentina this Aug/Sept. I'm showing her the Argentina blog. She is very excited. Fun to read (three heart attacks on a plate, oh boy!).

Great to see you are all having such a great experience.

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